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May 27 AT 3:58 PM Dustin Earley 17 Comments

Samsung set to unveil new Galaxy products June 20 at Premiere 2013

Samsung has been assaulting the masses lately with phone release, after tablet release, after phone release, and they aren’t done yet. Coming up on June 20th, just under a month away from now, Samsung will be holding an event dubbed Samsung Premiere 2013, where they’ll be showcasing the latest products in the Galaxy and Ativ ... Read More »

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Sep 27 AT 7:37 PM Edgar Cervantes 33 Comments

Samsung announces pricing and availability for Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Players in the US – iPod Touch killers?

We hear about new 10-inch tablets and Android smartphones every day, but Samsung has something different for us this time. Yesterday afternoon, Samsung officially announced the pricing and availability for three devices that we have been awaiting for some months now in the US. These are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, ... Read More »

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