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Apr 07 AT 10:22 PM Alex Wagner 7 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style to launch this month with Android 4.4 in tow

Samsung’s Galaxy is growing again.

Samsung just announced the Galaxy Ace Style, its newest Galaxy-branded Android smartphone. Described as a “fun, expressive and easy-to-use smartphone designed for the social user,” the Galaxy Ace Style is a low to mid-range handset that includes the following ... Read More »


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Feb 26 AT 3:16 AM Dustin Earley 56 Comments

Google’s biggest supporter, Samsung, could be its worst enemy

With the popularity of the iPhone, carriers found themselves in a tight spot. Don’t carry the iPhone, and miss out on thousands, possibly millions, of activations every year. Carry the iPhone, and bend to the will of Apple. Google may soon find themselves in a similar situation, in the spot of the carrier, with Samsung ... Read More »

google logo generic Image via: Robert Scoble with Creative Commons