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Jan 28 AT 2:39 PM Dima Aryeh 4 Comments

Google creates five games for Glass to encourage developers

As a new device at the dawn of wearable technology, Google Glass has an incredible amount of untapped potential. But potential means nothing when there is no support behind it, but Google is trying to rally the support of the community for Google Glass. Though the device costs $1500 and is limited to specific people, ... Read More »


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Nov 19 AT 3:10 PM Dustin Earley 4 Comments

Humble Mobile Bundle 3 for Android available now with Ridiculous Fishing

It’s that time again folks. The latest Humble Mobile Bundle for Android has just gone live and includes some truly awesome games like the popular iOS gem Ridiculous Fishing.

For just $4.02, the Humble Mobile Bundle 3 includes the Android versions of EPOCH, rymdkapsel, SpellTower, Swordigo, Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush, as well as soundtracks ... Read More »

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