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Feb 08 AT 2:10 PM Nick Gray 13 Comments

Vodafone’s HTC Velocity will be the first 4G LTE phone to launch in Germany

Vodafone Germany has chosen to use a HTC phone to be the first mobile device to launch its shiny new 4G LTE network. The HTC Velocity (can you feel the speed?) for Vodafone may look familiar to those of us in the US market since it’s essentially the HTC Vivid with a different name.

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Feb 06 AT 2:23 PM Edgar Cervantes 30 Comments

Motorola patent license will cost Apple 2.25% of sales

After Motorola’s victory last Friday, Apple was forced to remove multiple iPads and iPhones from its German online store. Apple was able to quickly put them back up, after asking Motorola for a patent licensing deal. It has just been discovered that Motorola is willing to work with Apple on this, but for quite ... Read More »

android-vs-apple Image via: laihiu with Creative Commons
Dec 09 AT 9:54 AM Nick Gray 74 Comments

Motorola and Samsung catch a break in fight against Apple

Tis the season to be jolly. Things are finally looking good for both Motorola and Samsung in their separate battles against Apple’s tyranny in the mobile and tablet space. First up is the ruling from the court in Australia which has denied Apple’s appeal on the court’s decision to allow Samsung to sell the Galaxy ... Read More »

lego-lawyer-gun-briefcase Image via: pasukaru76 with Creative Commons