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Sep 04 AT 11:37 AM Dima Aryeh 3 Comments

Google Glass app store coming in 2014

With any new product comes risks. Google Glass is an always-on camera that’s ready to take a photo wherever you are. Because it’s wearable, it can be used in private places. Which makes it a privacy concern. Not so much because it can invade our privacy (many devices easily can), but because it’s new and ... Read More »

Apr 04 AT 11:31 AM Anthony Domanico 96 Comments

Google’s augmented reality glasses get real, enter testing

Google’s Project Glass is the team quietly working on Google’s augmented-reality glasses project, which will provide users with smartphone functionality without the smartphone. On it’s Google+ brand page, the Project Glass team has announced that the glasses are real, and have begun testing at Google HQ.

While it’ll still be months (or ... Read More »


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