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May 15 AT 11:40 AM Dustin Earley 6 Comments

Google Play game services is official

It looks like the leaks were spot-on. Right on cue, at Google I/O, Google’s new game services have been announced, complete with multiplayer match-making, leaderboards, cloud-based save states and cross-platform functionality.

Thanks to earlier leaks, we’ve already known some of the features Google Play game services will offer for some time now. What we didn’t ... Read More »

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Mar 07 AT 10:42 AM Anthony Domanico 21 Comments

Google to further streamline its Gaming platform in 2012

With the surprise unveiling and immediate release of Google Play yesterday, the folks at Google are clearly thinking along the lines of platform unification. The Play moniker is used on both the Android and web store experience, and was a means of showing that Google offers these services to more than just Android ... Read More »


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