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Sep 28 AT 2:34 PM Dustin Earley 50 Comments

Google adds enhanced aerial and satellite imagery to Google Maps, while Apple tells iOS users how to view them

Google is bolstering their position as one of the most comprehensive mapping services in the world today by adding new high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery to dozens of cities from around the globe, along with new 45-degree imagery as well. Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook released a statement on Apple.com telling users how to find ... Read More »

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Sep 20 AT 3:51 PM Dustin Earley 96 Comments

Bad move Apple: ditching Google Maps is a huge mistake for consumers

When two partners in business slowly make the transition to rival companies, there are bound to be some casualties. Apple and Google are perfect examples of this. As each company tries to find their happy medium of involvement with each other, services are going to be killed, support squashed and new alliances formed. Consumers should ... Read More »

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Aug 06 AT 3:07 PM Dustin Earley 67 Comments

Apple moves closer to totally ditching Google; does away with YouTube app

It’s no secret that Apple wants its users to move away from Google services. Siri works as hard as possible to give consumers information from anywhere but Google and Apple has released their own mapping solution to back away from Google Maps. Just today it was revealed in the latest beta release of iOS 6, ... Read More »

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