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Jul 28 AT 12:55 PM Dustin Earley 0 Comments

Google Now receives WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram and NextPlus support

Google has announced it is expanding messaging support with Google Now today, allowing you to send message with only your voice to contacts on WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram and NextPlus.

Google Now’s expanded messaging support works just like it does with any other app, allowing you to saying something like, “Viber message BugDroid hey ... Read More »


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Apr 30 AT 3:17 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Google adds custom voice actions to Google Now

Google Now offers quite a few voice actions, but so far they’ve been strictly related to Google services like search, reminders, and control of various Google Now cards. But the Android Developers Google+ account announced new custom voice actions that opens up Google Now to third parties (through Google, of course).

The first custom voice ... Read More »

Mar 05 AT 11:25 AM Evan Selleck 0 Comments

Google adds cocktail recipes to its toolbox

Google has always aimed to be the one-stop-shop for just about anything you might need to know, and for anyone who has tried to find the ingredients for the perfect cocktail that’s been slowed down by having to dig into a website, Google’s latest addition to its search results should make you plenty happy.

Google ... Read More »

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