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Oct 19 AT 11:32 AM Brooks Barnard 7 Comments

Google posts fascinating short film about the science behind speech recognition

Google started life in 1996 as a search engine that helped us to better explore the Internet with our computers. Fast forward to 2014, and we know Google is pioneering the science behind making it easier to get the information we want in our hands via voice recognition. We don’t communicate with those nearby us by writing ... Read More »

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Jun 24 AT 11:07 AM Nick Sarafolean 2 Comments

Nest developer program opens, change your temperature via Google Now and more

Nest is Google’s step into the world of smart homes. That goal is about to be furthered through the new Nest developer program, which allows developers and companies to create products that work with Nest. The APIs will allow for integration of Nest smart functions into other products.

A few companies are already on-board and developing, including ... Read More »