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Dec 22 AT 4:04 AM Nick Gray 0 Comments

Microsoft disables Cortana’s voice activation on Android

Microsoft’s Cortana finally made its official debut on Android a few weeks ago, but Microsoft has just released an update to the app which disables its “Hey, Cortana” voice activation feature. The feature was pulled after Microsoft (and thousands of Cartana users) discovered that it was causing conflicts with Android’s voice recognition system and ... Read More »


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Dec 11 AT 6:02 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Google Now on Tap getting a screenshot share button

Taking screenshots isn’t always easy due to the strange and different button combinations different manufacturers use. Plus, you don’t always want to save a screenshot. The information you’re sending to people is often stuff that you don’t need to keep.

An update rolling out to Google Now on Tap (seemingly backend rollout rather than app update) adds ... Read More »