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Jun 19 AT 8:15 AM Nick Sarafolean 7 Comments

Google puts stock Email app into the Play Store, only for stock KitKat devices

One of the current trends in Android is manufacturers breaking their apps out from their UI or OS and placing them into the Play Store to provide quicker updates. Google is one of the companies that’ve been part of this trend, and the latest app to receive the treatment is the stock Android Email app. The app’s ... Read More »


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Nov 21 AT 11:50 PM Alex Wagner 11 Comments

Google Play Store on tablets to default to ‘Designed for tablets’ section in top lists

Own an Android-powered tablet? If so, you should now have a much easier time finding applications that are optimized for big screen. Google has announced that, starting today, a “Designed for tablets” section will be the default view for tablet users perusing the Play Store’s top lists. The list will include apps that follow Google’s ... Read More »

Google Play Store Designed for tablets section