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Nov 14 AT 9:57 AM Taylor Wimberly 16 Comments

Google TV update adds voice control, PrimeTime guide, and new YouTube sync

One month ago a video teaser of Google TV v3 leaked out, and today Google is pushing out the update to LG devices. The new release includes voice actions, an updated guide called PrimeTime, and a new YouTube app that automatically syncs with your phone. Owners of the LG Smart TV (G2 Series) ... Read More »


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Jul 26 AT 5:41 PM Dustin Earley 31 Comments

Google Fiber Internet, TV become reality

Google’s 1000Mbps fiber Internet service has been in the works for years now. After miles of red tape, costly construction fees and more than a few obstacles along the way, Google Fiber has finally launched in Kansas City, Missouri. And it’s everything you ever thought it would be.

With real world speeds sitting at around ... Read More »

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