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Oct 31 AT 11:21 AM Nick Gray 20 Comments

KitKat update to feature new NFC protocol, step detector, low-end hardware optimization and more

New Android 4.4 details have been revealed today, giving us another look at the changes Google will be making under the hood with its upcoming KitKat update. Amir Efrati, a former Wall Street Journal reporter claims to have reviewed a confidential document intended for Android device manufacturers which details many of the new features Google ... Read More »

Oct 18 AT 12:49 PM Dustin Earley 31 Comments

[Update] Google sending out invites for October 24 event


According to the source of this invite, Russell Holly, who is always spot on with his information, there will be no new hardware at this event. Google, quit playing games with my heart!

Original article:

Among a myriad of leaks and rumors and conspiracy theories, Google is finally sending out press invites to an ... Read More »


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Apr 16 AT 10:45 AM Taylor Wimberly 39 Comments

Eric Schmidt teases Motorola’s upcoming “phenomenal” phones plus other devices

Google’s Eric Schmidt appeared on-stage at today’s Dive Into Mobile conference, and he hinted Motorola’s upcoming wave of devices. When asked about Motorola’s new set of products, Schmidt said, “[They] are phenomenal. Wait and see for this next generation of technology, it’s very impressive.” Specific details about any new products were withheld, but Schmidt hinted ... Read More »