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Apr 09 AT 8:01 AM Sean Riley 41 Comments

Transformer Prime GPS issues? There’s a dongle for that

Transformer Prime owners have been complaining about GPS issues basically since launch. As with most complaints of this kind there were many that didn’t seem to experience the problem at all, while others found it intolerable. Prime owners in the UK were actually already given the option to return their Prime for a refund as ... Read More »


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Jan 18 AT 3:00 PM Dustin Earley 62 Comments

GPS issues? ASUS will refund your Transformer Prime or give you an extended warranty, if you live in the UK

Since its release, the ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 has been met with its fair share of praises and criticism. Its been called the fastest, smoothest Android tablet to date, but user reports of WiFi and GPS issues are all over the web. When ASUS announced an upgraded Prime TF700, complaints reached a fever pitch, with ... Read More »

Dec 15 AT 12:25 PM Taylor Wimberly 101 Comments

Qualcomm enables “dual-core” location on Snapdragon phones

Ever wish your Android phone had better GPS performance? Today Qualcomm revealed that phones featuring their Snapdragon processor are now capable of accessing two satellite networks. Most Android devices provide access to the Global Positioning System (GPS) which is a network of 27 satellites, but there’s a second network of 24 satellites operated for the ... Read More »