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Sep 01 AT 8:12 PM Anthony Domanico 271 Comments

CoPilot Live offers offline turn by turn…for a price. [GIVEAWAY]

One of the main reasons people use their Android phones is for the built-in GPS functionality. Back in October 2009, Google pissed off just about every GPS company by launching their very own free GPS navigation system, Google Navigation, which tightly integrates this service with the Android platform. The one catch with Google Navigation? ... Read More »

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Dec 10 AT 2:37 PM Angie Wimberly 44 Comments

Is Android a Trojan Horse?

Google holds a pretty intimidating role in many markets, and therefore isn’t always the most welcome contender. We had a feeling this might be the case, and in this video, we hear an opinion of Google’s role in the GPS market with Google Maps Navigation.