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Feb 09 AT 1:54 PM Taylor Wimberly 29 Comments

Google Wallet hacked again, no root access required this time

Early this morning security frim  Zvelo revealed a hack for Google Wallet that exposed a user’s PIN. Fortunately this vulnerability only affected rooted phones, as Google was quick to point out to The Next Web. Now a second hack has been posted online that works on non-rooted devices and requires no ... Read More »


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Apr 14 AT 9:30 PM Alberto Vildosola 25 Comments

Warning: Skype vulnerability leaves your private information out in the open

The guys at AndroidPolice have come across a quite serious vulnerability in the Skype for Android app. The hack allows any other application to access a whole lot of personal information  like “account balance, full name, date of birth, city/state/country, home phone, office phone, cell phone, email addresses, your webpage, your bio, and more.” That’s a ... Read More »