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Apr 14 AT 9:30 PM Alberto Vildosola 25 Comments

Warning: Skype vulnerability leaves your private information out in the open

The guys at AndroidPolice have come across a quite serious vulnerability in the Skype for Android app. The hack allows any other application to access a whole lot of personal information  like “account balance, full name, date of birth, city/state/country, home phone, office phone, cell phone, email addresses, your webpage, your bio, and more.” That’s a ... Read More »

Jul 13 AT 9:22 PM Taylor Wimberly 78 Comments

Motorola deals blow to the Android modding community

Just like the Motorola Milestone, it appears the upcoming Droid X and Droid 2 will have a digitally signed bootloader that will prevent users from flashing custom ROMs.

The original Motorola Droid had an unlocked bootloader and that device became one of the most popular among the Android open source community, but it comes as ... Read More »

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Feb 17 AT 7:40 PM Admin 6 Comments

Simple Hack: How to View MS Word files in Android

Have you ever tried to open a Microsoft Word document from inside Android’s Gmail client?  If you have not, please don’t waste your time.  All you will see is a force close error and nothing more.  Google has said they are working on this, and other companies are developing applications to view and edit MS ... Read More »