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May 03 AT 1:22 PM Matt Demers 6 Comments

Wii Controller Demo lets you manipulate your phone via remote

While it might not be review-quality yet, Wii Controller Demo could be a few steps away from letting you control your phone via WiiMote. The application uses bluetooth to connect remotes (and their extensions) to your phone, allowing the app to recognize its inputs. Sadly, it doesn’t do anything more than that, but with time ... Read More »

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Mar 12 AT 6:20 PM Alex Byrnes 2 Comments

Android Brings Freedom For All Devices

A recent headline “BlackBerry Storm Transformed into Google Android, Sorta” got me thinking. No, it wasn’t that certain news outlets are click-mongering hope stealers. It was about the future of Android. First, that the idea of a phone having a semi-portable, nameable operating system is a breakthrough in itself. A few years ago, the idea ... Read More »