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Oct 20 AT 10:30 PM Chuck Falzone 80 Comments

First impressions: T-Mobile G1 (three years later)

Exactly three years ago, those who pre-ordered began receiving their T-Mobile G1′s, the little phone that started it all. I was lucky enough to be in that group. After spending several hours with the bronze-colored geegaw on October 20, 2008, I wrote up my breathless, geeked-out thoughts for my personal blog. It’s cute, I was ... Read More »

g1-birth-photo Image via: whatleydude under the attribution license
Jun 24 AT 11:30 AM Taylor Wimberly 36 Comments

G1 owners still have a prayer for an official upgrade to Android 2.2

The G1 has already received Android 2.2 thanks to some hard working hackers, but there is still an outside chance that T-Mobile could upgrade the device over the air. Before I get your hopes up, just remember T-Mobile has the final say on firmware upgrades and their official response for the last couple ... Read More »

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Mar 12 AT 6:20 PM Alex Byrnes 2 Comments

Android Brings Freedom For All Devices

A recent headline “BlackBerry Storm Transformed into Google Android, Sorta” got me thinking. No, it wasn’t that certain news outlets are click-mongering hope stealers. It was about the future of Android. First, that the idea of a phone having a semi-portable, nameable operating system is a breakthrough in itself. A few years ago, the idea ... Read More »