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Jun 23 AT 2:55 PM Dima Aryeh 11 Comments

HTC posts Band-Aid joke to poke fun at Samsung

We’ve all heard the Band-Aid joke, and we’ve all seen the photos. When the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched, people felt that the back of the Copper Gold version looks like a Band-Aid. It was a funny joke back then, but fanboys took it to such extremes that it became tired just 24 hours later. When you see people posting that ... Read More »

HTC One bandaid joke
Jun 09 AT 9:17 AM Nick Sarafolean 3 Comments

HTC Gallery update adds UFocus adjustment, new features for Sense 6 devices

HTC One (M8) owners, rejoice! HTC is now pushing out an update to HTC Gallery that allows adjustment of UFocus intensity. This has been an oft-requested feature as UFocus often goes a little overboard on the bokeh, leaving you wishing that you could tone it down. This is now possible with a slider bar allowing ... Read More »


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