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Dec 16 AT 5:00 AM Nick Gray 12 Comments

HTC One max review

As we inch our way to the close of 2013, we thought it would be appropriate to give you a detailed look one of the biggest Android phones to hit the market this holiday season:  the HTC One max. The phone is currently featured in Sprint and Verizon stores here in the US, providing yet ... Read More »

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Nov 20 AT 10:11 AM Nick Gray 7 Comments

HTC One max Q&A

Last week we asked for your questions about the new HTC One max.We’ve been sifting through the comments and have handpicked a select few to feature in today’s Q&A feature. We’ll be taking a much closer look at the HTC One max in the next week or two with our full review. Stay tuned!

Q: Other than ... Read More »

Oct 11 AT 8:49 AM Nick Gray 17 Comments

HTC One max fingerprint scanner to feature app quick-launch, navigation mode

If the current rumors hold true, the HTC One max will be the largest phone in HTC’s lineup, but size alone may not be the phone’s main selling point. New details have come to light, revealing that the HTC One max’s fingerprint scanner will be used for a lot more than securely unlocking the phone. ... Read More »


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