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Aug 19 AT 4:27 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

HTC’s next flagship may be named the O2

HTC hasn’t exactly been innovating much in the last few years. Its flagship devices have been great, but the last three have featured the same name, the same exterior styling, and the same specs as every other flagship. It seems that HTC might know that it needs to freshen the brand up a bit, as it’s ... Read More »

Aug 13 AT 9:43 AM Nick Gray 0 Comments

‘Strategic realignment’ at HTC will leave 15 percent of the company’s employees jobless

With Q3 earning projections expected to be the worst in the company’s history, HTC is kicking off an internal realignment that will allow the company to focus on “profitable key areas of premium smartphones, virtual reality and connected lifestyle products.” While this means that HTC Vive and HTC’s upcoming wearables line are still on track, more ... Read More »

Aug 12 AT 2:26 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

HTC RE camera half off at Best Buy

HTC RE, HTC’s quirky little camera accessory, is once again on sale at Best Buy. Instead of the regular $199 price tag, it’s significantly discounted to $99.99 right now. You have your choice of white, blue, and orange, all of which are on sale.

The HTC RE is a camera accessory with a 16MP sensor ... Read More »

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