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Apr 08 AT 4:13 PM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

HTC Boost+ is a phone cleaner that’s currently in testing

Phone cleaners were once a sweeping phenomenon on Android phones. Dozens of third-party phone cleaners existed, and manufacturers began to create their own phone cleaners that they would pre-load on devices. But as Android has advanced, the operating system has become capable of completing all the functions of phone cleaners, although usually far more effectively. ... Read More »

Mar 29 AT 2:48 AM Nick Gray 0 Comments

Get a 32GB Nexus 9 for only $300

With a new 7-inch Nexus tablet expected to launch later this year, it looks like Google and HTC may finally be ready to clear out excess inventory of the Nexus 9. HTC still lists the 32GB Nexus 9 for $479, but Amazon has slashed the price of the 9-inch tablet to $299.99. If you really ... Read More »