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Aug 29 AT 12:49 PM Edgar Cervantes 8 Comments

Video: Samsung’s ChatON universal messaging app to support all operating systems

Everybody knows that Blackberry messenger stands among the best messaging services around, but it does lack many features. The fact is that almost nobody wants one of RIM’s devices anymore. Even if Blackberry did upgrade its messenger, the service is very fragmented, as it’s available only for the Blackberry OS. While there are many messenger ... Read More »

Aug 19 AT 2:53 PM Anthony Domanico 16 Comments

Trillian releases a public beta of Android IM application

A few months back, we reported that Trillian was going to release an Android version of their popular instant messaging application. The nearly two month wait is now over, as Trillian has just announced the availability of its first public beta release.

As of the writing, I’ve spent just a few minutes with ... Read More »

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