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Aug 07 AT 10:05 AM Evan Selleck 0 Comments

LG commits to monthly Android security updates

Earlier in the week, Samsung said that some of its lineup would begin receiving monthly, security-focused updates following the release of patches for the Stagefright exploit. Soon after, Google confirmed the same news for its Nexus-branded devices.

Now with the focus on Android and security, another major manufacturer within the Android Army has announced that ... Read More »


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Jul 06 AT 12:11 PM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

LG G4 camera: for pros and novices alike

In the past few years, the point-and-shoot camera market has taken a big hit. The drop in sales is due almost entirely to consumers replacing dedicated cameras with their smartphones. With a camera always in pocket, it becomes much easier to snap every moment, removing the need to carry around another camera. With more consumers ... Read More »

Jul 01 AT 12:09 PM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

LG G4 performance: benchmarks vs reality

Performance is a key part of smartphones, and flagships are expected to deliver peak performance. To keep up, manufacturers continue to use more and more powerful chipsets to match the demanding hardware and software of modern devices. The LG G4 is LG’s flagship for 2015 and it’s got big shoes to fill, with last year’s G3 ... Read More »