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Mar 19 AT 1:08 PM Taylor Wimberly 19 Comments

NVIDIA reveals Tegra 5, Tegra 6 at GTC 2013

Today at GTC 2013, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed the latest Tegra roadmap and provided a preview of where their mobile chip is headed. Project Logan (Tegra 5) will introduce NVIDIA’s Kepler GPU architecture with CUDA cores, and Project Parker (Tegra 6) will include NVIDIA’s custom Denver CPU core, their next generation Maxwell GPU, and ... Read More »

Feb 15 AT 6:59 PM Taylor Wimberly 86 Comments

NVIDIA KOs the competition, quad-core CPUs in Android devices by summer

Everyone in the industry was aware that NVIDIA was working on a quad-core processor, but I doubt that any expected them to demo their next-generation Tegra at Mobile World Congress. Tonight in front of a small audience of bloggers, NVIDIA showed off the world´s first mobile quad-core CPU and revealed it would arrive ... Read More »

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