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Jan 04 AT 7:58 PM Dustin Earley 15 Comments

Being featured in the Android Market helped boost RunKeeper’s downloads by over 600%

Today’s news that the Android Market is now home to over 400,000 apps isn’t good for everyone. While consumers enjoy a wide variety of apps in just about every category imaginable, developers are stuck with the headache of trying to get their app noticed. Google has recognized some of the problems associated with ... Read More »


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Dec 13 AT 4:43 PM Dustin Earley 98 Comments

Flurry: Developers still heavily favoring iOS over Android

During the Le Web technology conference held recently in Paris, France, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt took to the stage to lay out some predictions on how developers will favor Android over iOS before 2012 is finished. He said that within six month’s time, developers will be releasing apps for Android before iOS due to the sheer volume ... Read More »

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Dec 05 AT 4:23 PM Edgar Cervantes 77 Comments

Android Market glitch making users think 15-minute refund window has been extended

The Android Market is the number one source of apps for most Android users. Its great variety of applications, integration with Google Apps and simplicity makes it unbeatable by any other third-party Android app store, for now. There’s always room for improvement, though, and while users are generally happy with the Android Market, ... Read More »

Android Market refund time window, 15 minutes?
Sep 13 AT 2:08 PM Dustin Earley 8 Comments

Android app breakdown: men like Maps, women like Facebook, everyone loves the Market

The ever-popular measurement gurus at Nielsen have released a new study today that provides an in-depth look at Android app usage among men and women. By measuring “active reach,” Nielsen was able to pinpoint exactly who uses what on a monthly basis.

Before we go much further, you may be wondering exactly what “active reach” ... Read More »