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Sep 13 AT 2:08 PM Dustin Earley 8 Comments

Android app breakdown: men like Maps, women like Facebook, everyone loves the Market

The ever-popular measurement gurus at Nielsen have released a new study today that provides an in-depth look at Android app usage among men and women. By measuring “active reach,” Nielsen was able to pinpoint exactly who uses what on a monthly basis.

Before we go much further, you may be wondering exactly what “active reach” ... Read More »

Apr 14 AT 8:38 PM Alberto Vildosola 7 Comments

4shared Music hits the Android Market, we wonder how long it’ll stay there

Following 4shared Mobile, the chaps at Russian Internet Solutions (why does that name sound scary?) have also released 4shared Music to the Android Market. The mobile app allows you to:

4shared music for Android let you get an instant access to all music files at 4shared and your account. You can search for ... Read More »

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Aug 19 AT 3:16 PM Clark Wimberly 17 Comments

Market Gripe #461 – Removed Apps Still Hanging Around

Lately the iPhone App Store has been in the news for the removal or rejection of various apps. Another thing I noticed was Android users teasing the fanboys because Android doesn’t have to deal with problems like this. Or does it? While it may be easier to get into the Android Market, getting removed still seems to be a huge headache.