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Apr 04 AT 10:44 AM Russell Holly 37 Comments

Are Amazon’s mobile products in users’ best interest?

Over the last two weeks, Amazon has launched two different products geared at providing service to Android users who were experiencing what they considered to be a lack in functionality. There’s the Amazon App Store, which has provided users with the ability to shop for apps. This is a particularly unique concept, in that users ... Read More »

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Aug 19 AT 3:16 PM Clark Wimberly 17 Comments

Market Gripe #461 – Removed Apps Still Hanging Around

Lately the iPhone App Store has been in the news for the removal or rejection of various apps. Another thing I noticed was Android users teasing the fanboys because Android doesn’t have to deal with problems like this. Or does it? While it may be easier to get into the Android Market, getting removed still seems to be a huge headache.