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Sep 03 AT 9:20 AM Dustin Earley 18 Comments

Googorola, Microkia and Apple have put hardware manufacturers in a tight spot

A little over two years ago now, in the summer of 2011, there was balance in the smartphone industry.

Two of the biggest companies selling phones at the time took an integrated approach to their user experience. Apple, who was still growing at a seemingly unstoppable rate, and RIM, whose days were starting to look ... Read More »

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May 20 AT 2:48 PM Sean Riley 11 Comments

Motorola devices could face US importation ban following ITC ruling on Microsoft patent

Hot on the heels of US customs imposing an International Trade Commission ban on select HTC devices we have yet another exclusion order from the ITC, but this time around it’s Microsoft winning their patent claim against Motorola.

The patent in question dates back to 1998 and relates to scheduling a meeting with ... Read More »

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