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May 29 AT 4:03 PM Dustin Earley 1 Comment

Microsoft’s smartwatch rumored to support Android

As we continue to wait for the release of the Android Wear powered LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360, rumors surrounding other noteworthy wrist-mounted computers are beginning to ramp up. Today, Forbes is reporting good news for Android users who may be interested in a Microsoft branded smartwatch.

According to Forbes, Microsoft’s upcoming smartwatch ... Read More »

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Mar 14 AT 3:09 PM Dima Aryeh 5 Comments

ASUS to quit production and sales of dual boot devices due to pressure from Google and Microsoft

ASUS isn’t the only manufacturer that’s been cranking out dual-booting devices with both Windows and Android, but it has been pushing them pretty intently. There are already a few on sale, but unfortunately, it looks like that’s about to come to an end. ASUS is halting sales of dual-booting devices and will not be making ... Read More »


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