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Jan 14 AT 1:54 PM Nick Sarafolean 7 Comments

Google announces Project Ara Spiral 2 prototype, test release in Puerto Rico

At its Project Ara Developers Conference in Mountain View, Google today announced two very significant advancements regarding Project Ara. The first is the Spiral 2, the first Project Ara phone that will be sold. The Spiral 2 is currently specced lower than most flagships. The base model features a 1280×720 display, light and ... Read More »

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Jul 02 AT 3:03 PM Dima Aryeh 2 Comments

Chief Designer of Project Ara departs Google

Project Ara is the long-awaited effort to bring a modular smartphone to the masses. Instead of buying a smartphone and tossing it out when you upgrade, you’ll be able to swap out modules just by pulling them out and sliding new ones in. Everything from the processor to the display will be replaceable, and it seems people love ... Read More »

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