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Dec 01 AT 2:50 PM Taylor Wimberly 50 Comments

Quad-core processors coming to Android devices in the near future

I’m not sure who coined the phrase first, but those “Chuck Norris quad-core ¬†processors” that everyone likes to joke about on Twitter could make their way into Android devices sooner than you think.

Buried¬†inside NVIDIA’s multi-core whitepaper from yesterday was an interesting note that quad-core CPUs are coming “in the near future”. If ... Read More »

Nov 30 AT 4:00 PM Taylor Wimberly 66 Comments

5 compelling reasons you will want to buy a dual-core mobile device

All I want for Christmas is a dual-core superphone, but it doesn’t look like Santa is going to deliver one this year. Why am I so excited about this one hardware spec for my next Android device? To put it very simply, dual-core processors will raise the bar for performance and capabilities in mobile devices ... Read More »

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