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Oct 15 AT 12:29 PM Dima Aryeh 16 Comments

Google releases duo of new Nexus 7 ads

Google’s ads as of late have been absolutely fantastic, being both adorable and exemplary of why their products are truly useful in your life. Most of these ads focus on the brilliance of Google Now, which knows what you want and gives you the information when you need it. And with the release of a ... Read More »

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Aug 22 AT 11:57 AM Dima Aryeh 5 Comments

Update rolling out to new Nexus 7, claims to fix multitouch issues

When the second generation Nexus 7 was launched, it was plagued with many problems. Factory images weren’t being released, people complained about multitouch issues and the GPS cut out for many. Google seems to have worked hard to make the device better, and the first two issues have been fixed. Previously, Google posted the factory ... Read More »

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