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Jul 31 AT 11:05 AM Brooks Barnard 37 Comments

New Nexus 7 first impressions

Ever since rumors about  a next generation Nexus 7 started, I’ve had some money set aside waiting for its release. I thoroughly enjoyed the original Nexus 7. It’s an important part of my family from everyday web browsing to babysitting the kids to entertainment for road trips. Unlike ... Read More »

New Nexus 7-1

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Jul 26 AT 12:58 PM Dima Aryeh 32 Comments

New Nexus 7 sold early in many stores

The official release date for the new Nexus 7 is July 30, but release dates have never stopped stores from selling devices early. However, it has always been singular cases of store employees letting a customer buy one. A few lucky people would get them, while most stores would refuse to sell them. This time, ... Read More »

New Nexus 7 (2)