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Nov 29 AT 5:14 PM Dustin Earley 84 Comments

Android 4.2.1 making the rounds; Verizon Galaxy Nexus continues to fall behind

Shortly after rolling out to most of Google’s last two generations of Nexus devices, Android 4.2.1, or the December fix update, has been pushed into the AOSP. Factory images, binaries, and all.

Hot on the heels of the over-the-air update for Android 4.2.1, factory images for the yakju and takju Galaxy Nexus variants have been ... Read More »


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Nov 13 AT 11:57 AM Taylor Wimberly 77 Comments

Google Play Store unable to keep up with Nexus demand

“An error occurred while processing your purchase. Please try again later.” “Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again. Your cart is currently empty.” “We’re sorry there was an error. Please try again later.” “Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We’re working on fixing the issue. Please try again later.”

Nov 05 AT 7:08 PM Dustin Earley 28 Comments

Google’s Aquarium commercial dives into Nexus 7

With Google’s last two Nexus 7 commercials, the company notorious for lackluster advertising hit it out of the park. Both their “Camping” and “Curious” commercials featured heartwarming stories that put Nexus 7 right in the middle of the action. Today’s yet-to-be officially revealed “Aquarium” commercial (it’s set to private on the Google Nexus YouTube account) ... Read More »

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