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Apr 04 AT 1:52 PM Dima Aryeh 9 Comments

Nokia X gets ports of TWRP, CWM custom recoveries, development beginning

The Nokia X may not be the most powerful Android phone on the market (in fact, it’s one of the weakest currently sold), nor is it particularly popular, but that will never stop developers. In the quest to get the most out of the heavily skinned and modified device, developers have begun hacking it. Google ... Read More »


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Mar 15 AT 9:21 AM Dima Aryeh 2 Comments

Nokia X gets 1 million pre-orders in China

The tech world’s reaction to the Nokia X in the tech world was mostly negative. A very low-end Nokia device running an old version of Android isn’t exactly appealing to those who love high-end hardware, but the expectations made it so much worse. We wanted a bleeding edge Nokia phone running Android for a long ... Read More »