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Feb 07 AT 5:43 PM Nick Gray 4 Comments

HTC settles patent dispute with Nokia, signs cross-licensing agreement

After victories and defeats on both sides, HTC and Nokia have agreed on a cross-licensing patent settlement. The agreement between the two companies overrides any current and pending litigation, allowing Nokia and HTC’s lawyers to take a much-needed vacation. While the agreement will allow HTC to have access to Nokia’s broad patent portfolio, HTC will ... Read More »


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Jan 08 AT 12:18 PM Dima Aryeh 16 Comments

Photos of Nokia’s Android-based UI leaked

We’ve been hearing rumors of an Android-powered Nokia device for quite a while. The Normandy would have been a Lumia-esque device with Android instead of Windows Phone, which would be a dream come true for many fans of Nokia. But after Microsoft purchased the company, the release of this device is very unlikely.

However, ... Read More »

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