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Aug 17 AT 2:22 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Nokia confirms at least three upcoming Android devices, may be announced this year

Nokia is a brand that’s nearly universally loved for its last phones, and we wish the company would make a big comeback and once again release amazing devices. Nokia’s Microsoft partnership really didn’t help the company succeed, but thankfully, we may see an unlikely but possible resurgence soon.

Nokia executive Mike Wang stated that there will be at least ... Read More »

The Nokia E70 featured a similar split keyboard.
May 18 AT 8:23 AM Evan Selleck 0 Comments

Nokia launching Android smartphones and tablets with help from new company called HMD

It’s been quite a while since Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices and services division, but talk about Nokia’s return to the smartphone business has never really gone silent since then. Which is good, because Nokia just made a big announcement that should make plenty of people quite happy.

Today, ahead of Google’s largest event of ... Read More »

Nokia X2

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Mar 15 AT 9:21 AM Dima Aryeh 2 Comments

Nokia X gets 1 million pre-orders in China

The tech world’s reaction to the Nokia X in the tech world was mostly negative. A very low-end Nokia device running an old version of Android isn’t exactly appealing to those who love high-end hardware, but the expectations made it so much worse. We wanted a bleeding edge Nokia phone running Android for a long ... Read More »