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Aug 17 AT 4:05 PM Dustin Earley 35 Comments

With the acquisition of Motorola, Google shows us how to buy patents on the low

Just how much is a mobile patent worth? If it keeps your company from losing millions of dollars every quarter alone, quite a bit. Still, there is no real number value yet, since most patent portfolios have been bought at auction. And as the threat of legal battles grows every bigger, prices have gone up. ... Read More »


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Aug 03 AT 4:49 PM Dustin Earley 19 Comments

Google goes on the record with complaints about patents

It’s been no secret in recent months that Android has drawn enough attention to become the centerpiece for several ongoing patent-related lawsuits. While the numbers constantly show Android leading the pack in smartphone growth again and again, Google’s patent portfolio is severely lacking compared to their competitors. Today David Drummond, Google Senior Vice President and ... Read More »

Jul 19 AT 12:51 PM Alberto Vildosola 19 Comments

Eric Schmidt: Our competitors are responding with lawsuits because they cannot compete with us

Speaking at Google’s Mobile Revolution conference in Tokyo, Japan, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, talked about the growing number of patent lawsuits levied at Android. The ex-Google CEO had a lot to say about the way competitors have decided to go after Android using lawsuits and bogus patent infringement claims.

As we’ve seen lately, ... Read More »