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Jan 31 AT 2:35 PM Edgar Cervantes 31 Comments

To pirate, or not to pirate… that is Rovio CEO’s question

We’ve seen the battles the music industry has fought against piracy. Surely, it is a gruesome war, and it not only happens with music. Piracy exists within all content and products; we see it very often in the Android ecosystem. We tend to look down on it, as it is considered stealing. But ... Read More »

hacker Image via: altemark with Creative Commons
Oct 08 AT 3:04 PM Sean Riley 33 Comments

Android Licenser looks to give your app sales a boost

Android Licenser is a new service from Edward Kim, the developer of “Car Locator.” Android Licenser aims to help developers of paid apps to both protect their apps from piracy and extend the availability of their apps to countries that don’t support the paid Android Market. The hope is that you are able to derive ... Read More »

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