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Feb 12 AT 5:01 PM Dustin Earley 23 Comments

Would a Galaxy S5 with a QHD display really be overkill?

Rumor has it that the next iteration in Samsung’s Galaxy S line of phones will come with a QHD display. Commonly referred to as “1440p,” QHD is Quad HD, or a resolution of 2560×1440. At around 5 inches, a display with a QHD resolution comes out to a pixel density of 587PPI. Considering our current ... Read More »

display-color-eyes Image via: newlow with Creative Commons
May 20 AT 9:51 AM Alberto Vildosola 6 Comments

Honeycomb has a little bit of Gingerbread buried deep inside

We already know that Google will be mixing Honeycomb, Gingerbread and Google TV into a delicious Ice Cream Sandwich this Christmas. What you might know is that there’s actually a lot of code being shared between these three versions. So much in fact, that you can easily turn your Honeycomb tablet into an over-sized version of ... Read More »

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