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Apr 15 AT 9:12 AM Sean Riley 25 Comments

HTC One (M8) review

In the past, there’s been a set formula for developing a flagship Android phone. Grab all the latest hardware components you can get your hands on, cram them into a body that’s somewhat attractive, sprinkle on some customizations over the latest Android treat and call it a day. But HTC decided to change things up ... Read More »

Apr 10 AT 11:03 AM Nick Gray 28 Comments

HTC One (M8) Battery: It Keeps Going and Going

To say that the HTC One (M8) is a powerful phone is a bit of an understatement. As much as we try to bring it to its knees, the phone holds its head high and accomplishes the task at hand without breaking a sweat. But does the phone’s raw processing power get in the way ... Read More »


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Mar 27 AT 9:07 AM Nick Gray 10 Comments

HTC One (M8) ads confirm new color options

Is the HTC one (M8) at the top of your “must have” list, but you’re simply not digging the current color options? If some carefully positioned Google ads are to be believed, Stealth Black and Stealth Red may soon be joining the new One’s Gunmetal Gray, Amber Gold and Glacial Silver color lineup. During the HTC One ... Read More »