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May 31 AT 4:07 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Sirin Labs releases Android phone with ‘military-grade’ security starting at only $14,000

If you’re a highly-paid businessman who needs a phone as secure as it is ridiculously fancy, this might be the phone for you. Sirin Labs has launched an Android-powered smartphone called the Solarin, and it starts at a measly $13,800.

The Solarin features a 5.5-inch 2K IPS display, a Snapdragon 810 processor, a 23.8MP camera ... Read More »

SOLARIN - Duo with Forcefield

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Nov 26 AT 9:45 AM Sean Riley 4 Comments

PureVPN App Review

PureVPN has been an established player in the Virtual Private Network space since 2007 and presently serves more than one million customers. I wouldn’t normally lead off an app review with a description of the company, but when one of the primary functions of the app is to protect your privacy, the fact that they have ... Read More »

Oct 06 AT 4:36 PM Dustin Earley 0 Comments

AT&T customers affected by insider data breach

AT&T has issued an apology today after revealing that personal information of AT&T customers has been improperly accessed by an employee of the company.

According to AT&T, the data accessed includes Social Security number information among other data. In its apology for the breach, AT&T has said it is working to contact affected customers individually ... Read More »