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Jun 06 AT 8:15 AM Nick Sarafolean 8 Comments

12-inch Samsung tablet with 4K display spotted at French Open

Think QHD displays are overkill? Think again. 4K is on its way, and now it’s been spotted in a prototype Samsung tablet. The tablet in question was 12-inches in size and was being used to demonstrate an LTE broadcast at the French Open. Specs of the tablet weren’t known, but Techradar who spotted it was told ... Read More »

Samsung 4K Tablet

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Jan 16 AT 1:29 PM Dima Aryeh 16 Comments

Evolution of the HTC One prototype

The current HTC One that has been out for almost an entire year seems like the perfect phone for an Android fan at first glance. A full metal construction, loud front facing speakers, a decently sized display… it’s all anyone ever wanted. The execution of the final product never turned out perfect, but many of ... Read More »

HTC One Prototype 1