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Jan 19 AT 12:51 PM Taylor Wimberly 20 Comments

Dungeon Defenders gets updated with new content and features, on sale for $0.99 today only

Dungeon Defenders just went on sale last month, but it quickly became one of the best selling Android games since it featured console-quality graphics thanks to the power of the¬†Unreal Engine. The developer¬†Trendy Entertainment has offered excellent support and already released several minor updates, but this week they launched the first major patch ... Read More »

Oct 29 AT 4:38 PM Taylor Wimberly 35 Comments

Buy this game: EVAC by Hexage

EVAC is Pac-Man for the smartphone generation. This unique arcade game from our friends at Hexage takes the tried-and-true eat the dots gameplay of Pac-Mac, but then throws in some Zelda-like puzzles, Metal Gear Solid style stealth, and a little bit of Tron neon.

I know that might sound confusing, but the game actually starts ... Read More »