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Oct 06 AT 9:02 AM Nick Sarafolean 43 Comments

Review: Atongm Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

When it comes to typing on phones, things have changed remarkably over the past few years. Physical keyboards used to be the name of the game, dominating the phone market. Nearly every phone, smart or otherwise, came with some sort of physical keyboard to aid in typing. Then the wave of touchscreen phones arrived, and ... Read More »

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Sep 17 AT 1:14 PM Dustin Earley 7 Comments

Trustlook Antivirus and Security review

As smartphones continue to grow into the world’s leading computing platform, online security and malware on Android have become issues some users are forced to face. If you’re looking for a complete solution to managing your device, your privacy and your online security, look no further than Trustlook Antivirus and Security.

Certified by ... Read More »

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