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Jan 06 AT 9:47 AM Sean Riley 44 Comments

HTC Rezound Review

The HTC Rezound is a powerhouse of a phone. While other devices in Verizon’s lineup might have garnered more attention, the Rezound (by the specs) is the best device currently available for Verizon. Do all these high-end specs actually add up to a positive experience, though?

The Rezound performed well as a phone throughout my ... Read More »

Nov 01 AT 2:27 PM Edgar Cervantes 10 Comments

Video: Another HTC Rezound hands-on with Thunderbolt comparison

The HTC Rezound made its artistic debut yesterday, featuring in its first hands-on video. Those looking to get a new smartphone face a choice between the Rezound, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus¬†and the Motorola DROID RAZR. The competition will be fierce; pre-launch hands-on videos should help with your ... Read More »

HTC Rezound

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