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May 05 AT 11:59 AM Alberto Vildosola 74 Comments

Install Google Talk with Video Chat on your Android phone right now


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Do you want to video chat with Google Talk but don’t want to wait for Google, your carrier or your phone’s manufacturer to roll out Android 2.3.4 to your phone? We might have a solution for you. Before proceeding, we need to get a few things out the way. Unfortunately, this ... Read More »

Apr 17 AT 2:17 PM Edgar Cervantes 11 Comments

ROM Manager 4.0 released, now “unsuckified” and supporting comments and ratings

ROM Manager is a “must have” application for every root user out there. Of course, one of the most important benefits of rooting your device is the ability to flash custom ROMs onto it, and those that like playing around with them, will be happy to know that ClockworkMod has released ROM Manager version 4.0.

... Read More »

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