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May 13 AT 5:46 PM Alberto Vildosola 90 Comments

How to easily install the Netflix app on your Android phone (Root required)

After many months (and years) of waiting, Netflix finally released an official Android app yesterday. After hearing the news, many Android users were full of happiness and hope, until 5 seconds later they found out that their device wasn’t supported. But fear not comrades, the awesome Android community has saved us once again.

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May 05 AT 11:59 AM Alberto Vildosola 74 Comments

Install Google Talk with Video Chat on your Android phone right now


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Do you want to video chat with Google Talk but don’t want to wait for Google, your carrier or your phone’s manufacturer to roll out Android 2.3.4 to your phone? We might have a solution for you. Before proceeding, we need to get a few things out the way. Unfortunately, this ... Read More »