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Jul 02 AT 7:51 PM Dustin Earley 52 Comments

4 reasons why the Moto X will live up to the hype

Excitement surrounding Motorola’s upcoming Moto X is reaching a fever pitch. This kind of hype is usually met with disappointment once a phone is actually released, but the Moto X is the real deal. We’ve slowly but surely gathered more and more information on the Moto X over the past few months, and it seems ... Read More »

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Apr 03 AT 3:02 PM Dustin Earley 40 Comments

Reuters: second-gen Nexus 7 coming this July with better display, Snapdragon inside

The Nexus 7 has been Google’s most impressive Nexus device to date. The mini-tablet sold like hotcakes and kickstarted the tablet-optimized ecosystem Android has been sorely missing. With the one-year anniversary of the Nexus 7′s release swiftly approaching, news of its successor is starting to leak onto the web. The latest rumors on the device ... Read More »