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Feb 10 AT 1:15 PM Nick Gray 73 Comments

Official HTC Android 4.0 handset update list

Since Google’s unveiling of Android 4.0 back in October 2011, the main question most of us want answered is: “When will my phone be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich?” We know HTC is working hard to update as many phones as they can, but there are hardware limitations to take into consideration, not to mention the dreaded fact that ... Read More »

Apr 26 AT 4:42 PM Edgar Cervantes 7 Comments

Sony announces S1 and S2 Honeycomb tablets

If you have been coming to Android and Me to read your Android news, you might recall Sony’s honeycomb tablet, the S1 (with that interesting folded-magazine-like shape). Sony has announced this Honeycomb device, calling it the “Sony Tablet,” and it is actually not coming alone, there are two versions; the S1 and the ... Read More »

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