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Mar 27 AT 5:38 PM Dima Aryeh 6 Comments

South Korean carriers start selling Samsung Galaxy S5 early due to April sales bans

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t set to launch for another two weeks, but that isn’t stopping South Korean carriers from selling the device. Allegedly, the carriers are selling the flagships against Samsung’s will before the launch even happens. This is the carrier’s way of avoiding the upcoming April ban, making some money and some customers ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 White
Feb 17 AT 2:37 PM Dima Aryeh 3 Comments

Moto X sale extended, $70 off until February 22

Motorola has offered so many Moto X discounts that the device seems to be under a perpetual sale, and with each new promotion, the drop in price gets larger. The Moto X debuted at over $550 off contract, but now many of us are getting it for as little as $300. The recent Valentine’s Day ... Read More »

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