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Oct 17 AT 2:35 PM Dustin Earley 11 Comments

Samsung’s Galaxy S line breaks 30 million sold

In the battle for smartphone supremacy, one tactic used against Android is to question how many individual devices are sold instead of considering the operating system as a whole. It’s true that, for the most part, very few single Android devices make a huge dent in the overall marketshare. The original Droid was one of ... Read More »


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Feb 23 AT 3:32 PM Nick Gray 36 Comments

Official: Froyo update for the AT&T Samsung Captivate will be released tomorrow

Hoping to stave off any additional backlash from the delayed Samsung Captivate update, AT&T has announced that the Froyo update for the handset will be made available tomorrow.  The announcement came from AT&T’s Facebook page which indicates that the Samsung Captivate Froyo update may need to be installed manually rather than being pushed out over ... Read More »