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Jul 06 AT 8:10 PM Nick Gray 32 Comments

Update: Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales ban lifted by temporary stay on the handset injunction

In an unexpected turn of events, Samsung has been granted a temporary stay on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus injunction which allows the device to be sold until July 12th. Judge Lucy Koh issued the temporary stay  as the courts awaits to hear “Apple’s response.” If you’re a bit confused, you’re not the only one. ... Read More »


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Jul 04 AT 10:57 AM Nick Gray 65 Comments

Injunction forces Google to pull the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play – update in the works to restore balance to the universe

The unthinkable has happened. Google has removed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store after Samsung lost its appeal to stop the injunction against the phone which was granted in Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung. The injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is based on Apple’s 8,086,604 patent which targets Android’s universal search ... Read More »

Apr 27 AT 2:45 PM Dustin Earley 59 Comments

Google’s JBQ speaks out on Android updates, Google selling the Galaxy Nexus and more

Jean-Baptiste Queru is the technical lead for the Android Open Source Project at Google. When he talks, we tend to listen. Many a time now, JBQ (as he’s more commonly known) has come to the aid of speculating bloggers and explained situations with updates, Nexus devices and much more. Today, with the Sony Tablet S ... Read More »

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